The Evening Menu

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Tod Man Pla


An exciting venture to replicate the famous Thailand cod patties, served with a Thai style salad and dip.

Soup of the day


Our homemade soup of the day served with a crusty welsh roll, please ask for details!

Chicken Liver Pate


Homemade chicken liver pate, served with toast and onion chutney.

Potato Skin


Homemade Potato skin created with a spring onion, bacon and cheese filling. Served with BBQ sauce and sour cream.

Prawn Cocktail


The timeless classic, served with buttered brown bread and homemade Marie-rose sauce.

Stuffed Open Field Mushrooms


Filled with a stilton breadcrumb and cream farce served with balsamic vinegar and fresh dressed rocket.

Chilli Con Carne Nachos


Nachos topped with chilli con carne, sour cream, Guacamole and jalapeños.



Roasted tomatoes, onions, basil and a hint of garlic, topped with asparagus and Stilton. Oven Baked and served with a salad garnish and balsamic vinegar.

Tikka Massala


Homemade chicken Tikka Massala with rice, a popadom and mini naan bread.

The Lakeside Tower


A 4oz beef burger, 4oz grilled chicken breast stacked with bacon, cheese and onion rings. Served in a bap with salad and Cajun spiced mayonnaise.



Minced beef cooked with our own ragout, served with homemade garlic bread.

Beef Stroganoff


Strips of rump steak, sliced onions and mushrooms flamed in brandy. Infused with French mustard, cream and paprika. Served with rice and homemade garlic bread.

Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie


Sautéed chicken breast with bacon, leeks, herbs and cream, topped with a puff pastry lid.

Sausage & Mash


Pork sausages, simply grilled and served with buttered creamed potatoes and a red wine onion gravy.

Honey & Mustard Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad


Pan Fried Chicken breast, crispy bacon and fresh Avocado served on a medley of salad leaves, with a honey and mustard dressing.

Fish Dishes



Deep fried, breaded scampi served with peas of your choice.

Plaice Veronique


Grilled plaice fillet with butter and flour simply served with a white wine, fish stock and grape cream velouté.

Battered Cod


Freshly delivered cod, deep fried in our home-made beer batter with peas of your choice.


Prime 10z Sirloin


Prime 10z Rump


Prime 10z Ribeye


Prime 10z Gammon


served with egg, pineapple or both

All served with tomato, mushroom and onion rings



Chateaubriand, Stilton, Peppercorn or Diane

Sausage and Penne Marinara


Sausage meat, bacon and cherry tomatoes intertwined in penne pasta with a chilli and balsamic vinegar sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Chicken Platter


Strips of chicken breast, marinated, breaded and oven roasted, using a selection of mixed herbs and spices. Accompanied with a variety of dips, sweet potato fries and onion rings.

The Four Cheese & Parma Ham Salad


The Four Cheese and Parma Ham Salad

Feta, baked halloumi, parmesan, mozzarella and Parma ham tossed in a medley of salad leaves. With a garlic mayonnaise dressing and garlic croutons.

BBQ Chicken Melt


Oven baked chicken breast with BBQ sauce, bacon and Monetary Jack cheese. Accompanied with Seattle parmentier potatoes.

Vegetable Lasagne


Courgette, aubergine, onion and peppers, bound in a tomato and garlic ragout. Layered with pasta and topped with a béchamel sauce and cheddar cheese. Accompanied with garlic bread.

Mushroom Stroganoff


Pan fried open field mushrooms sautéed with onions. Flamed in brandy and bound in a French mustard and cream sauce. Served with garlic bread and rice.

Quiche of the Day


Home-made quiche of the day accompanied with onion chutney, please ask for details!

Vegetable Massala


Onion, peppers, tomato, aubergine and spring onion bound in a homemade Massala sauce cooked to a mild to medium strength. Served with pilau rice, a popadom and mini naan bread.

12 and under

Beef Burger


Home-made Chicken Nuggets


Breaded Scampi


Home-made Fish Fingers


Home-made Lasagne




Chicken Salad


All served with a choice of potatoes and peas or beans

Side Orders

Garlic Bread


Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms




Sweet Potato Fries


Cajun Cheesy Chips


Cheddar Cheesy Chips


Onion Rings


Side Salad