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Combined with superb contoured greens, undulating fairways, beautiful lakes and strategically placed bunkers, it makes a truly wonderful golfing experience for players of all levels.

Hole 1 478 Yards

A long straight drive keeping well clear of the mighty River Severn running down left-hand side. Will provide a chance of a very well hit second shot but be aware of the rough.

Hole 2 193 Yards

Choose your club carefully as the green is deceptively longer than you think.

Hole 3 297 Yards

A driver may not be the correct choice of club on this short par 4. Care must be taken with the second uphill shot onto a blind green.

Hole 4 156 Yards

Nothing less than an accurate well struck shot will do as this downhill green is defended with some well placed bunkers.

Hole 5 393 Yards

A nerve-racking drive with the Montgomery Canal following the fairway on the left hand side of the fairway all the way to the green. Very easy to 3 putt this tricky green.

Hole 6 194 Yards

Another deceptive downhill length. Aim slightly right keeping away from the bunker guarding the front-left and watch for the water hazard behind the green.

Hole 7 287 Yards

Play safe and aim well right to avoid wasting shots playing from otherwise a difficult lie for the second shot.

Hole 8 124 Yards

This deceptive uphill hole will require one more club which is important as the narrow green also has two tiers.

Hole 9 465 Yards

Beware the lake which appears in 200 yards and which runs all the way to the green along the right hand side up to a well guarded green.

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